Serving your patients

We recognize that you want to refer your patients to trusted substance use disorder treatment providers. Our goal in building a relationship with you, your clinicians, and ultimately your patients is to ensure long-term recovery. To help reach this goal, it’s our job to show you who we are

No matter the partnership, we want to meet your patient where they are. This means, from the very beginning, evaluating each individual as a whole person with unique treatment needs and objectives. Our one-size-fits-one approach guarantees a unique and positive experience for your patient whether in month one or year two of treatment. 

We aim to keep you involved in the process as a member of the care team, because we know how important it is to maintain wraparound support. Our referral team is available to navigate the process with you and your patient from verification of benefits through the completion of treatment. Beginning treatment is not easy for anyone, and we’ll help make it as easy as possible for you and your patient. At every step, we provide consistent communication to ensure a closed loop and the highest level of care coordination. 

We adhere to evidence-based principles throughout all of our programs and remain dedicated to providing the best clinical care possible. Our unique medication assisted treatment and online therapy programs include provider and counselor visits, group therapy, online recovery courses, and 24/7 chat access to the care team – all delivered via telemedicine. 

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Taking the next step together

Interested in learning more about Workit Health before referring a patient? Find a time to meet with our referral team.

If you’re ready to refer someone to Workit Health, our dedicated referral partner line is available now at (888) 258-1941. If your patient is ready to get started now, they can sign up online in just five minutes.