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Help for the Holidays: Navigating the Holiday Season Sober

A 9-week group series offering a space to process your emotions around the holidays and to develop coping tools to make it through. 

Let's make the holidays easier

With all the excitement around the holiday season,  the difficult parts—like anxiety, loneliness, and family conflict—can catch us off guard.

That’s why Workit Health is offering this first of it’s kind limited group seriesHelp for the Holidays: Navigating the Holiday Season Sober​.

Each week we’ll cover topics about navigating the holidays in recovery. Join us in this counselor-led group to process your holiday-emotions, develop tools and strategies you can use, and share support with other members.

Weekly Schedule

Wednesdays at 10:30AM EST
Starting November 8th

Thursdays at 3PM EST
Starting November 9th

Last session: January 3rd & 4th

There will not be a session on Thursday, November 24th. Thursday’s group is welcome to join on November 23rd at 10:30 AM EST for Week 3.

What we'll be covering

November 8 & 9

Week 1: Managing Your Time to Reduce Holiday Stress

Discover how time management can support your recovery and reduce stress, especially in busy holiday times. Incorporate tools, including calendars and lists, to use your time more efficiently and balance your well-being with your holiday priorities.

November 15 & 16

Week 2: Giving Yourself the Gift of Good Boundaries

Learn to identify and implement different types of boundaries to protect your recovery goals through the holiday season. Develop the skill of saying no (and continuing saying no) without guilt.

November 23 (No group November 24th)

Week 3: Coping with Holiday Triggers

Understand common triggers that people in recovery face during the holidays and identify which ones may affect you. Plan how you'll communicate your triggers with friends and family for a more successful holiday season.

November 29 & 30

Week 4: Navigating Loneliness and Grief Amidst Holiday Cheer

Loneliness and grief are common, despite the holiday push to be merry and grateful. Honor and celebrate those who have passed and uncover the importance of implementing rituals and traditions that are meaningful to you. Learn ways to reach out to loved ones, and how to find safe places for healthy holiday interactions.

December 6 & 7

Week 5: Managing Your Holiday Expectations

Learn to understand your own expectations for the holidays, and to identify when they are realistic. Develop effective communication skills to address expectations (yours and those of other people), for a more positive holiday season.

December 13 & 14

Week 6: Mastering "I" Statements for Effective Holiday Communication

Use “I” statements for more effective communication during the holidays, especially about emotions and conflict. Develop healthier communication strategies for better holiday interactions.

December  20 & 21

Week 7: Developing Self-Care Strategies for the Holidays

Identify self-care strategies for the holiday season and beyond, including activities you can do to manage and relieve stress. Build a daily self-care routine to support your recovery and your well-being.

December 27 & 28

Week 8: Ringing in the New Year With Sober Fun

Discover new ways to relax, celebrate, and have fun in recovery. Learn how to find hobbies, activities, and experiences that you enjoy while reaching your recovery goals.

January 3 & 4

Week 9: Reflecting on the Holidays

Look back at the holiday season to celebrate your wins and learn from your struggles. Share the insights, lessons, and growth from the holidays recently past as well as from this group series.

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Let’s all make it through the holidays feeling safer and more supported in our recovery

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