Workit Health Privacy Statement

Privacy is at the center of Workit’s mission to provide discreet care from home.


Your privacy is our priority.

Workit Health takes the privacy of our members seriously. The need for privacy associated with addiction care was one of the main reasons our Co-Founders built Workit as a discreet, online program. We’re disheartened to see companies using alarmist language directed towards an already vulnerable population who face many barriers to find addiction care.

We believe it is important to provide our members with clear and neutral language around the information we collect, and why we’re collecting it. Workit Health never exchanges data with a third party for any purpose other than improving the member experience, never sells data, and we only gather and request data from our members that will improve their quality of care within the program. 

Just as an individual entering traditional treatment provides intake information, some personal information is necessary in order to provide gold-standard support digitally. 

Our program is HIPAA-compliant and we have implemented privacy and security controls that auditors have reviewed pursuant to SOC 2 Type II criteria. We understand that the nature of privacy around SDKs is evolving, and we’re proud to have transferred many of our SDK needs to AppsFlyer, a mobile measurement platform that is as serious about privacy as we are at Workit Health.

Support Call and Chat with Providers

Device Permissions and Sensors

Your device is your business. We never request any information via device permissions that is shared or used for demographic or marketing purposes. The only permission Workit requests, as disclosed in our terms and conditions of use, is the ability to record audio and video. As a telehealth service, we consider this central to our app’s functionality and to our ability to provide high quality services.

Website Privacy

Our website is an important tool for conveying information to people struggling with substance use disorders. Workit Health never exchanges website data with a third party for any purpose other than improving web visitor experience and never sells data.


App privacy is evolving, and we're at the forefront.


What is an SDK?

An SDK is a software development kit, or a set of tools and programs used by developers to create specific applications within a system. For example, creating an Android app requires an Android SDK, while creating an iOS app requires an iOS SDK.

Why is there a privacy concern around SDK’s?

SDK’s may have the ability to track or share information. Just as cookies are able to track behavior on the web, an SDK may allow an app to monitor or share information. At Workit Health, we limit the usage of SDK’s to those that are necessary to improve member experience, and we never share or sell member data.

What SDK’s does the Workit app use?

AppsFlyer: Effective attribution, or understanding of a Workit member’s journey, helps us engage the right audiences at the right time and ensure each member has the information they need as they get started with our program. 

Workit uses AppsFlyer as a mobile measurement partner for this attribution. AppsFlyer is HIPAA-compliant, and does not build targeting profiles, sell data, or use personal data for its own purposes. It isolates Workit member data from other customers and encrypts the data at rest. 

Google: Workit Health uses the Google Firebase SDK for push notification functionality on our Android app and for analytics on our Android and iOs apps.

Learnium: Workit uses Learnium to help identify and diagnose carrier- and device-related performance issues for our members who struggle with successfully connecting to their video and audio appointments. This SDK is not shared with any third party, and the information is kept internal and never shared.

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