Suboxone and addiction treatment for Florida

Work on your recovery with support from clinical experts from Florida. Our Tampa clinic serves the entire state of Florida with telemedicine addiction care, including Suboxone (buprenorphine/naloxone) treatment.

Addiction treatment that works for Florida

Florida experienced a 43% leap in overdose deaths during the COVID-19 pandemic, with Central Florida seeing an increase of a staggering 70%. As losses and medical emergencies continue to climb, it becomes increasingly crucial that people in Florida have access to effective treatment for alcohol and opioid use disorder. Workit Health is answering that need by offering accessible addiction treatment to Floridians across the state via telemedicine.

Workit Health’s experienced, expert clinicians can prescribe FDA-approved medications to reduce your cravings and assist you toward long-term recovery. Our program provides nonjudgmental, science-backed behavioral health support to help you achieve your recovery goals—no matter what they are. With Workit’s telemedicine program, you have access to all this support and more from the privacy and comfort of home.

Florida residents in all parts of the state can access the same gold-standard care with in-app medical appointments and group therapy. You can get started with Workit Health’s virtual program in less than 5 minutes and same-week appointments are often available. You don’t have to do this alone.

Tampa, FL
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telephone: (855) 659-7734
fax (HIPAA): (813) 200-2822

Questions about treatment or pricing?

Start your recovery

No waiting rooms, no judgment, just easy streamlined virtual recovery care

1. Sign up

It only takes a few minutes. Download our app and answer a few questions about your treatment goals, then schedule your first appointment.

Two phones featuring Workit Health App screens - Support Group and Coach Chat

2. Meet with a provider

Meet with your care team to complete your sign-up by getting oriented to your treatment plan and steps.

3. Get therapeutic support

Think lifestyle change, not a fad diet. We’ll work together to develop new daily routines, so you maintain your new habits for life.

No waiting rooms, no judgment, just easy streamlined virtual recovery care

Until further notice, we will be offering all our normal treatment virtually.

To protect the health of our members and staff from COVID-19.

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