Your job is stressful, your substance use support should be simple.

Substances can affect your work, your family time, and your ability to enjoy life. But recovery can be as discreet as an at-home a virtual doctor’s visit.

Recovery doesn’t have to be so complicated, get started today.

Fewer than ⅓ of traditional treatment programs offer this gold-standard care.

Research shows that the combination of medically-assisted treatment and therapy can double the likelihood of recovering from a drug or alcohol issue. 

Workit Health partners with Blue Cross Blue Shield plans, Aetna, and other insurance companies to ensure discreet access to clinical and counseling support.

Workit Health offers discreet digital support for substance use

  • You don’t have to go away for 30 or 60 days.

  • Your friends, family, or employer don’t need to know about your treatment.

  • You don’t have to declare yourself an ‘addict’ or ‘alcoholic’.

  • You can set your own recovery goals and receive personalized care.

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