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CVS® HealthHUB™ and Workit Health are partnering to bring you addiction treatment that fits your life. Medication-assisted treatment for opioids and alcohol and counseling for other substance use.

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Recover on your own terms and on your own schedule, without taking time away from work or family.

Medication support

Medication can help reduce cravings and balance your brain chemistry. Workit providers build a personalized care plan and e-prescribe medication to your local pharmacy when clinically appropriate.

Therapy and coaching


Medication support

Therapy and coaching

Our coaches and counselors are trained in evidence-based techniques to help you achieve lasting behavior change. Message your care team anytime through the Workit app.


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Does Workit accept insurance?

Yes, we accept many insurance plans for our clinical programs, including a range of commercial, Medicaid, and Medicare plans. We’re also continually expanding our coverage. You can verify your coverage with our insurance checker in five minutes online. If you prefer, call the number on the back of your insurance card to verify your benefits.

Workit also accepts self-pay.

What can I expect from telemedicine addiction treatment?

Workit Health’s digital app allows you to connect with licensed clinicians and counselors dedicated to helping you meet your recovery goals. Have medical appointments, join online recovery groups, work through a therapeutic curriculum to help you learn coping skills, and receive medication e-prescribed to your local CVS®.

What kind of substances and addictions does Workit Health treat?

Workit Health offers medication-assisted treatment incorporating FDA-approved medication and behavioral health support for opioids and alcohol. These medications can reduce cravings and stabilize recovery to help you achieve long-term life changes. 

We also offer online counseling, including coaching and therapeutic courses, for all kinds of substance use and addiction.

Is the Workit Health program confidential?

Yes. Just like your in-person doctor’s office, at Workit Health we take your privacy seriously. Workit Health’s HIPAA-compliant, HITRUST-certified, WCAG-accessible, and SOC 2 Type II compliant program is an industry leader in telehealth. We will never release your information to anyone without your permission.

The fact that Workit’s program is entirely virtual also means that you can meet your providers and contact your care team from the privacy of home.