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Modern addiction treatment for a digital world

Evidence-based substance use disorder care is significantly less expensive than inpatient treatment, with a much larger reach. 

We deliver savings while improving outcomes, with an 83% treatment adherence rates for our stabilized members.

Psychiatric care is just a video chat away

An estimated 50-70% of people with alcohol use disorder struggle with depression, and 60% of people struggling with opioid use disorder also struggle with anxiety. 

Workit’s clinical teams utilize self-reported data to identify depression and anxiety earlier in our members and help them receive the treatment they need.


We treat the whole person with wraparound clinical care

The discretion built into Workit’s virtual care allows for a more open dialogue around diagnostics and treatment of conditions like Hepatitis C, HIV treatment and prevention (PrEP), and other co-occurring disorders.

You're here today, you're here to get better, and I'm here to help you do that.

Dr. Kevin Armington, Workit Physician

Board Member of Office of Alcoholism and Substance Use Services

Positive outcomes start with exceptional care

A program that people love

Workit’s Net Promoter Score is 68, almost double the industry standard in healthcare. 9 out of 10 members would recommend Workit to a friend.

Engagement with impact

After one month, 84% of Workit members are still engaged in the program. Our adherence rates beat the industry average by 60%.

5-star clinical care

Our average video rating is a 4.7, with 95% of Workit members rating their telemedicine visits as 5-star virtual appointments.

All the components of gold standard care in one place

Harm Reduction


Virtual Drug Testing

Psychosocial Support

Machine Learning

Medication and Monitoring

Precision Care Navigation

Social Determinants

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