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Substance use care, simplified

Effective and nonjudgmental telehealth treatment for opioid and alcohol use disorders for your population.

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Modern addiction treatment for a digital world​

Expand access and reduce costs with our app-based opioid and alcohol use disorder programs.

Grounded in harm reduction and evidence-based care, Workit Health improves outcomes and empowers patients to find lasting recovery.

Positive outcomes start with exceptional care

Metrics that matter


A program that people love

Workit's Net Promoter Score is 68, almost double the industry standard in healthcare. 9 out of 10 members would recommend Workit to a friend.


Engagement with impact

After three months, 62% of Workit members are still engaged in the program, beating the industry average.


5-star clinical care

Our average video rating is a 4.7, with 95% of Workit members rating their telemedicine visits as 5-star virtual appointments.

People are more than a single diagnosis

Workit Health's whole person approach includes treatment for over thirty mental and physical health conditions that commonly co-occur with substance use disorder.


of people struggling with opioid use disorder also struggle with anxiety


of people with alcohol use disorder struggle with depression

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Building connection with community

Our members have access to the Workit Community of mutual support and therapist-led virtual recovery groups, webinars, and workshops.

All the components of gold standard care in one place

Harm Reduction-Based

Behavioral Health Care

Support for SDOH​

Hybrid Care

Medication and Monitoring

Simple Drug Screening

Perinatal SUD Care

CBT Coursework

Trusted by major insurance providers

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