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How to Survive the 4th of July Without Alcohol

Fact Checked and Peer Reviewed

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For the 15.1 Million Americans struggling with alcohol use disorders, summer social events like the 4th of July can be a challenge.

Whether you are going to a party with friends or attending a family BBQ, we encourage everyone to utilize these 6 helpful tips and tricks that allow you to be the life of the party while avoiding alcohol (or other substances).

1. Go to the event prepared.

Before going to the party, do some mocktail research. You can find tons of delicious recipes for mocktails online so you can enjoy your drink without the buzz! Not sure where to start? Workit has 17 mocktails to enjoy on any occasion.

2. Bring your own cup and cooler.

Workit members in recovery have found that bringing their own fun cup and favorite beverage in a personal-sized cooler makes things go smoother. That way nobody will know that you aren’t drinking a beer. You’re also prepared, so you won’t end up drinking something you shouldn’t.

3. Make yourself comfortable by surrounding yourself with the right people.

If you are newly sober, or feeling nervous about attending get togethers where people will be drinking, bring a sober friend with you. That way you can hang out together and support each other through what may be a triggering situation.

4. If you don’t have a sober buddy that can join you, keep yourself busy!

Help the host put out the food or clean up, engage in non-drinking games, get to know someone you haven’t talked to before, or go for a swim.

5. Go to the gathering with a plan.

Stop by early in the evening. That way people will be just starting to party, and you are less likely to encounter a group of intoxicated people. It’s easy to have good conversation this way, and you can leave the party having made an appearance while still avoiding the hard partying.

6. Most of all, enjoy yourself.

Social gatherings are meant to be fun, so don’t let the fact that you can’t have a drink ruin that.

If you or someone you know is struggling with alcohol use disorder and would like to receive help—Workit Health is here for you. If you have questions about how to get started, email us at


Courtney Todd is the digital marketing coordinator at Workit Health. She has a  passion for raising awareness in the addiction treatment, recovery, and public health space.

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