Jake Powers

Jake Powers has been in recovery since April of 2008. After working for five years in the field of addiction recovery, he moved west to pursue his MFA in fiction from the University of Oregon. His latest story is forthcoming in Willow Springs Magazine. When he’s not writing fiction, he blogs about addiction recovery at The Hope Fiend (www.hopefiendrecovery.com). Follow him on twitter @thehopefiend where he tweets about addiction, recovery, writing, social justice, and his life as a husband and father of two black cats.

4 Ways Recovery Helps Me Be A Better Husband And Partner

In recovery, I’ve had the opportunity to look at my past through a new lens, and do my best to clean up the wreckage left behind. Much of that wreckage was scattered through the relationships I’d taken part in, and I’ve had to own up to a lot of things.

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