Meet The Team Providing Suboxone Treatment At Workit Health In Ann Arbor

At Workit Health in Ann Arbor, Michigan, we treat opiate addiction with Suboxone and therapy. We caught up with Kristin, Head of Clinical Ops in Ann Arbor, to ask her why she loves working at Workit Health. Check out why she had to say:

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At Workit Health in Ann Arbor, Michigan, we treat opiate addiction with Suboxone and therapy.

Workit Health was founded by two women in long-term recovery, Robin and Lisa. Changing the way addiction recovery works was (and remains) a personal mission for them. They had seen too many of their friends fall through the cracks of current systems of addiction treatment, like inpatient rehab or one-size-fits-all group meetings. Those solutions work for many, but not for all people. Not everyone can afford inpatient rehab, or leave work or their families to go there. Clearly, people dealing with addiction need and deserve a better way.

A new kind of addiction treatment program for the Ann Arbor community.

At Workit, we believe that it’s time addiction treatment caught up with the modern world. FDA-approved medication can help many to manage cravings and make stronger progress in recovery. Research shows that medication can reduce risk of relapse while increasing well-being, but it’s available at less than one-third of rehab centers. We want to bridge that gap by making medication-assisted treatment easy to access.

Medication like buprenorphine (commonly known by its popular brand name, Suboxone), helps those struggling with opiate addiction, and seeking recovery from heroin or pain pill addiction. It is used to reduce opioid cravings and withdrawal symptoms, making it more possible to avoid relapse and get into long-term recovery. Evidence shows medication-assisted treatment works, making it the gold standard for addiction treatment. It saves lives.

There is also medication-assisted treatment for alcohol use. Naltrexone can help to reduce cravings and aid in moderating or quitting drinking. After quitting drinking, many also find support and lessened withdrawal symptoms with acamprosate.

We believe in flexible solutions, offering online telehealth treatment via our innovative, HIPAA-compliant app. This means that Michigan residents can get the care they need in the convenience of their own homes, on their own time.


We offer more than “just” medicine.

There isn’t really a “just” to medication-assisted treatment, because it’s a revolutionary advancement in recovery treatment. But while medication like Suboxone is a vital help for many people struggling with substance use, it does work best in conjunction with therapeutic support. That’s why our members are able to message with their care team, participate in online recovery groups, and explore interactive courses that are reviewed by licensed counselors, all through our app. They can also complete clinically-verified drug tests, which are often state-mandated, without needing to visit a clinic in-person.

Our online courses, counseling, and coaching are also available for those who feel that medication-assisted treatment isn’t the right fit. Workit online therapists support all recovery goals, whether that means moderating your substance use or addictive behaviors, or quitting them altogether. All of our counselors are licensed and trained in harm reduction, cognitive behavioral therapy, and other evidence-based techniques proven to help you recover.


Built by addicts, backed by experts.

At Workit, the staff is supportive. After all, many are in recovery themselves or have family members who have struggled with addiction. And all of them are highly trained, non-judgmental, and solution-focused. The staff at our Ann Arbor location include a large team of clinicians, counselors, and coaches—all dedicated to providing open-minded support to people in recovery. Visit the page for our Michigan location and down to “Your Care Team” to meet our wonderful Ann Arbor staff.


We caught up with Kristy, Workit’s People Operations Lead, who provided a video tour of our Ann Arbor location, and with our Co-CEO Robin who shared a bit about why she and Lisa formed Workit. Check it out below:

A future free of addiction is in your hands

Recover from addiction at home with medication, community, and support—from the nonjudmental experts who really care.

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