Workit Health's Ann Arbor team for Suboxone treatment, laughing at an outdoor teambuilding event

Meet The Team Providing Suboxone Treatment At Workit Health In Ann Arbor

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At Workit Health in Ann Arbor, Michigan, we treat opiate addiction with Suboxone and therapy.

 Robin and Lisa, Workit's Co-Founders.

Workit Health was founded by two women in long-term recovery, Robin and Lisa. They had grown tired of seeing their friends falling through the cracks of current systems of addiction treatment, like inpatient rehab or one-size-fits-all group meetings. Those solutions work for many, but not all people. Not everyone can afford inpatient rehab, or leave work or their families to go there.

A new kind of addiction treatment program for the Ann Arbor community.

At Workit, we believe that medication like buprenorphine (commonly known by its popular brand name, Suboxone), should be easily accessible for those struggling with opiate addiction, and seeking recovery from heroin or pain pill addiction. Evidence shows this treatment WORKS.

We also believe in flexible solutions. Many of our patients move to telehealth treatment if they’re good candidates for it. This means that after after one or two initial in-person visits, they see their doctor online.

Built by addicts, backed by experts.

At Workit, the staff is supportive. After all, many are in recovery themselves or have family members who have struggled with addiction.

We caught up with Kristin, Head of Clinical Ops in Ann Arbor, to ask her why she loves working at Workit Health. Check out why she had to say:

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