5 Ways to Enjoy Valentine’s Day Sober & Single

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Are you sober and single on Valentine’s Day this year? Tired of ads that equate wine with romance, or not sure what to do to celebrate sober? You can enjoy Valentine’s Day without alcohol (and without a partner, even). Celebrate the day with your friends, neighbors, or use the day to celebrate yourself.

Check out these 5 different ideas for Valentine’s day full of fun, without booze:

1. Pick a recipe and whip up a relaxing evening at home

Everyone has recipes we see online and want to try but never do, right? Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to give that pasta dish a shot! Cooking together is often a great way to bond with your family or friends or even by yourself, and you don’t have to deal with crowded restaurants. If you want something fancy to drink try one of our delicious mocktail recipes. Being sober doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a bubbly drink! 

2. Check out a local event in your area

Check your local paper or look online and see what events are going on — many areas have events like food festivals or fairs. Most have outings that you can attend, and some even for free! Some areas are having anti-Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day celebrations.

3. Go see a movie.  

Take this opportunity to have a night out and indulge in a bag of theatre popcorn. It might be wise to buy your tickets ahead to avoid the crowds at the box office or the chance of your movie of choice selling out. Single? Seeing a movie alone is fun! Give it a shot.

4. Watch movies or have a game night with your friends

There are a lot of cute movies you can watch. The movie Valentine’s Day is a fan favorite. Other picks are: He’s Just Not That Into You, Bridget Jones Diary, Pretty Woman and My Best Friend’s Wedding. If lovey-dovey movies aren’t your thing, get a group together to play board games or cards.

5. Forget Valentine’s — this year, celebrate your friend with Galentine’s Day.

This holiday, celebrate who you really love: your closest friends. Mix up some mocktails and do face masks at home. Or plan a hike or mini-golf outing. Catch up with the people in your life that have fallen off your radar. 

Valentine’s Day is generally known by most as a day of love to spend with your significant other but instead, we think it should be a day to celebrate all of the relationships in your life, including the one you have with yourself!  Enjoy being sober and single on Valentine’s Day! 


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