For Aetna Members

Get medication or online therapy, all in the Aetna network

Just like a traditional addiction treatment center, you’ll receive support from counselors and clinicians covered by Aetna.

Workit Clinic helps you with opioids or alcohol. Get Suboxone to quit heroin or pain pills, covered by Aetna. If you’re ready to moderate or quit drinking, receive naltrexone via telemedicine. Signup for Workit Clinic

Workit Coaching helps you with sex addiction, smoking, substances, or behaviors like gambling with online therapy from a licensed counselor. Signup for Workit Counseling

Getting Started

How digital addiction care works

If you're struggling, we're here to help. Receive discreet online therapy and FDA-approved medication to start feeling better today.
1. Schedule an appointment

Schedule your first appointment online in less than five minutes. Or give our caring team of experts a call to check your coverage and schedule your appointment.

2. Meet with an expert

Login to Workit’s web and phone apps to connect with your expert clinical team. Based on your needs, we’ll match you with the right level of support including FDA-approved medication when needed.

3. Live your best life

Recover from addiction without having to go away to rehab or get stuck with costly treatment bills. Grow in recovery and meet your goals with an expert care team at your fingertips every step of the way.

For Aetna Members

Addiction is hard, recovery should be easy

Over 20 million Americans struggle with addiction, but fewer than 1 in 10 receive help.

Workit Health is changing that by bringing expert therapy, FDA-approved medications like Suboxone and naltrexone, and science-backed courses to your phone.

We’re proud to now be partnering with Aetna to provide digital addiction treatment to members in New Jersey, California, and Michigan.

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The power of clinical experts, on your phone

Skip waitlists and the waiting rooms and receive Joint Commission accredited digital care.

See why Workit Health is the leading provider of telemedicine treatment for addiction, designed and vetted by our team of experts in substance use disorders.

We’re help in your pocket when you need it the most. Totally covered, for you.