What To Expect At Your First Visit To Workit Health – Michigan For Suboxone Treatment

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Many clients ask us what to expect at their first visit to Workit Health in Michigan for medication-assisted treatment, which includes Suboxone and therapy.

The Workit Clinic team realizes opiate addiction is tough, and aims to make you comfortable.

First, you’ll be seen by our medical assistant. They’ll take your vitals, and ask for a quick urine sample.

Next, you’ll meet your counselor, who will walk you through Workit’s online lessons.

Completing fun, engaging online lessons at home is an important part of Workit Clinic’s medication-assisted treatment program. These lessons teach you how to handle emotions and relationships without drugs. They’ll motivate you and give you quick coping tools.

Then, you’ll meet the doctor, who will determine if Suboxone is right for you.

Your doctor wants you to succeed. Ask them any questions you may have about your medication or your program.

Sound good? You’re ready to Workit!

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