Workit Health Joins Mobilize Recovery for Day of Service

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Being of service can be empowering, helping us to feel more capable, more grateful, and more connected to our community.

Workit Health is proud to partner with Mobilize Recovery Day of Service to convene volunteer events across the world that give back to communities in a meaningful way. The inaugural Day of Service will happen on September 30, 2023, marking the culmination of National Recovery Month and coinciding with International Recovery Day.

This year, the Workit Health community is encouraged to be involved in a way that makes sense for their community. You can get involved by creating an event or signing up for an existing opportunity on September 30, 2023. Check out Workit Health’s Day of Service page to join us in Ann Arbor, Michigan, or find other recovery events in your area!

Day of Service events don’t have to focus on recovery, but they should be created with your local community in mind. Events can be small—five friends cleaning up their local park—or large, like organizing a food drive. You can also choose whether to make your event open for others to sign up and participate or closed, including only your private group. Get inspired by checking out these ideas:

Participate in the Day of Service Alone:

  1. Volunteer at a local houseless shelter, animal shelter, or non-profit: Offer your time and skills to help those in need, such as serving meals, organizing donations, or providing companionship.
  2. Pick up litter: Clean up your local park, beach, or neighborhood to help keep your community clean and beautiful.
  3. Write letters to seniors: Reach out to elderly individuals in nursing homes or assisted living facilities by writing letters or sending cards to brighten their day.
  4. Donate blood: If you’re eligible, participate in blood donation drives to help save lives in your community.
  5. Cook or bake for a neighbor in need: Prepare a meal or baked goods for someone who may be going through a tough time or unable to cook for themselves.
  6. Tutor or teach a skill: Share your skills or knowledge by tutoring someone in a subject or teaching a craft or hobby.
  7. Plant a tree or garden: Help improve the environment for local wildlife and beautify your surroundings by planting trees or creating a community garden.

Participate in the Day of Service as a Group:

  1. Organize a charity event: Set up a food drive or clothing collection for a local charity or cause.
  2. Clean up a public space: Gather a group to clean up a park, beach, or neighborhood, making a larger impact together than each individual could apart.
  3. Serve meals at a soup kitchen: Volunteer together to serve meals to those experiencing financial hardship.
  4. Hold a community workshop: Host workshops on topics such as financial literacy, health and wellness, or job skills to empower and educate your community.
  5. Create care packages: Assemble care packages with essential items and deliver them to shelters, hospitals, or disaster relief centers.

Join Workit Health and Mobilize Recovery to be a part of a movement and together, we can celebrate recovery and uplift communities! For more information about the Mobilize Recovery Day of Service, check out their FAQ and Event guide. If you’d like to volunteer for Workit Health’s Day of Service, please contact Max Backer, Community Manager, at

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Max is the Community Manager at Workit Health. They believe connection, kinship—and even having fun—are the key ingredients to long-term recovery. Max has a background in human-based design, teaching, and research.

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