Max Backer

Max is the Community Manager at Workit Health. They believe connection, kinship—and even having fun—are the key ingredients to long-term recovery. Max has a background in human-based design, teaching, and research.

View from behind of a person standing on a hill, raising their arms in celebration. A journey to joy in recovery

A Journey to Joy

We rightly talk about recovery as a matter of life and death, but for me, it has also been a journey to joy that I

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Brandon Novak performing a skateboard trick in a three-piece suit. Brandon's Novak: Rising from Rock Bottom

Brandon Novak: Rising from Rock Bottom

Workit Health recently hosted an exceptional community event, Brandon Novak: Rising From Rock Bottom. Brandon Novak was a pro skateboarder, CKY crew member, Viva La Bam star, and Jackass cast member, and is

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Books with rainbow binding against a green background. Pride reading list

Pride 2022 Reading List

Pride is a celebration that reminds us to honor the experiences and contributions of people in the LGBTQIA+ community. Our Pride reading list offers entertainment

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