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Dave Yates

Dave Yates is a Los Angeles-based writer, comedian &  actor. His humor has been described as “a mix of wit and whimsy” as he details his adventures through life. Dave performs stand-up comedy nationally while also selling his wildly successful HaHa Hot Sauce. He is also co-host of the recovery-centered 12 Questions Podcast. Dave’s highly regarded album “One Long Merch Pitch” is on regular rotation on SiriusXM

Anywhere Dave performs, fun and spicy times are sure to follow!

Angel statue on a grave marker. Grief in Recovery

Grief in Recovery

The coping skills and friends we find in recovery are a huge help, but they don’t protect us from grief and pain. Sobriety isn’t just

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Neon sign reading "Laugh" against a blue background. Stand-up comedy in addiction recovery

Stand Up to Recover

Stand-up comedy is a drinking culture, but it was also my path to recovery. Content warning: This piece describes suicidal ideation, as experienced by the

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