Customized To Your Needs

A Personal Care Plan

Workit Care™ delivers recovery courses designed specifically for you. The Workit program learns which recovery tools work best for your recovery style and stage by blending your feedback with feedback from your doctors, counselors, and coaches.

Backed By Experts

Our science-based program is rigorously reviewed by our team of clinical and product experts.
Paul Leonard, MD
Physician, EPNO,
 Chief Medical Officer
Itai Danovitch, MD
Chair, Cedar Sinai Psychiatry
, Clinical Advisor
Eve Kurtin, PharmD
Member, ABMS
, Clinical Advisor
Erik Anderson, MD
Physician, Highland ED-Bridge Clinic, Clinical Director, California
John Greden, MD
Director, UM Depression Center
, Clinical Advisor
Dorothy Moore, DNP, FNP-C
Assistant Professor, SJSU, 
Nurse Practitioner
Theadia Carey, MD, MS
Director, Ann Arbor VA
, Clinical Director, Michigan
Lisa Gentz, MSW
Administrator, ACCESS Washtenaw
, Clinical Advisor
Sherrie Rager, PhD, CACD II
10+ Years Addiction Counseling
, Recovery Coach

Workit Health distinguishes itself from other addiction treatment by bringing cost-effective, evidence-based solutions to those who need them most, at the moment they choose to find help.

Mike Spadafore
Blue Cross Blue Shield Venture Partners