Empowering people

to find life-long recovery

Empowering people to overcome addiciton

Whole-person clinical care

Workit Health’s affiliated, licensed clinicians are able to prescribe medication for substance use disorder and other health conditions when clinically appropriate.

Telemedicine video visits occur directly through the Workit Health app, with in-app messaging available for questions. 


Evidence-based support and connection

Workit Health provides a variety of recovery support services tailored towards the specific needs of each individual.

We combine therapeutic coursework with virtual groups for convenient support. We also offer or coordinate counseling for individuals with complex conditions.

Innovative technology

Workit Health leads the field of virtual substance use disorder care through innovation and has received grants from the National Institute on Drug Abuse and National Science Foundation.

Our innovative automated drug testing system means you’re able to drug test at a time that is convenient for you, from the privacy of your home.


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