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Rehab vs. Workit Health

Workit Health is a new way to do addiction recovery—bringing clinicians, recovery groups, drug testing, therapeutic courses, and more to the comfort of your home via mobile and web apps. But how does it compare to traditional, inpatient rehab?


Workit Health

Leave home for
30, 60, or 90 days

Stay home and attend video calls with doctors and groups from any location

High cost and care is often based on outdated or unsupported practices

1/10 the cost of traditional rehab and offers evidence-based practices

You need to be ready to quit entirely to get help

You can make a positive change
with or without 100% abstinence

Total abstinence
after a rapid taper

Medication assistance keeps you comfortable and increases your likelihood of recovery.*

*Medical communities and governmental agencies endorse medication-assisted treatment. Studies show that people who take medication for alcohol or opioid use disorder increase their likelihood of long-term recovery.

Who’s a good fit for at-home addiction treatment?

Many people know that they need help to change their relationship with alcohol or opioids, but feel stuck because rehab isn’t a good fit for their lives. Thanks to technological advancements and changes in telemedicine regulations, Workit Health is now an option.

Our telehealth addiction treatment is a great option for people who:

  • Can’t take time off work (or are out of PTO)
  • Have transportation challenges
  • Care for kids or other dependents
  • Don’t want to fall behind at school
  • Don’t want to navigate FMLA to get a leave of absence
  • Have pets they don’t want to leave behind

Start feeling like yourself again

What is inpatient rehab?

“Rehab” is the common term for residential or inpatient addiction treatment, in which the person receiving treatment stays in a facility full-time. This sometimes includes medically supervised detox. It is often heavily structured, with rules about phone usage, meeting attendance, sleep, and diet. Length of stay depends on many factors (including insurance and ability to pay), but is often 30 days or more. Some rehabs may prescribe medication, but many do not.

rehab building
phone group meeting

What is Workit Health?

Workit Health offers a convenient, all-virtual alternative to rehab, done totally through the Workit app. Workit Health’s clinical programs for opioid and alcohol use disorder include medication-assisted treatment, support groups, Shared Medical Appointments, and therapeutic courses—all from the comfort of home. Drug tests are mailed to your home and completed through the app, and medication is e-prescribed to your local pharmacy, when clinically appropriate.

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