Workit Health distinguishes itself from other addiction treatment by bringing cost-effective, evidence-based solutions to those who need them most, at the moment they choose to find help.

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The Workit Health Model

How It Works: Quality Care at Lower Costs

Streamline your Addiction Services with Telemedicine

Evidence-based digital care is significantly less expensive than inpatient treatment, with a much larger reach. We deliver savings while improving outcomes, with 83% treatment adherence rates for our stabilized members.

Start with Precision Care Navigation

Our 24/7 telemedicine triage prevents high costs and poor outcomes associated with mismatched, out-of-network care. Precision diagnostics match your members to just the right amount of care, within your network.

Stop the Cycle of High-Cost, Ineffective Addiction Care

Workit Health’s low-barrier care combines the latest research with patient-led design for incredible outcomes, beating inpatient average adherence rates by 60%.

Lower costs while improving outcomes, all while offering your members ease of use and instant solutions

We Meet People Where They Are, and It Works

Workit’s proprietary digital drug testing system tracks members throughout their journeys to recovery. Unlike abstinence-based programs, Workit supports a member through fluctuations in treatment adherence, with lasting results. The end result? Patients love Workit. Our NPS of 87 proves our efficacy.

Our Outcomes Prove our Commitment to Disruptive Care

84% of patients who attend their first appointment are still in the Workit Health program after four weeks. 67% of patients stay in the Workit Health program longer than 6 months.

People who are still in the program and drug testing after at least 6 months test adherent 83.58% of the time. After at least 1 year, people test adherent 90.05% of the time.

Trust Workit Health’s Industry Leading Security

Rest easy knowing that Workit’s HIPAA-compliant, HITRUST-certified, WCAG-accessible, and SOC 2 Type II compliant program is an industry leader in telehealth care.

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Workit Members Improve Their Quality of Life

Workit’s low barriers to care translate to outstanding results. We’re proud to offer better outcomes than traditional models at significantly lower costs.
Workit Health’s low-barrier care combines the latest research with patient-led design for incredible outcomes, beating inpatient average adherence rates by 60%.

Every week, Workit members are asked to fill out a “gut check” quiz that assesses quality of life. A majority of Workit members show a higher quality of life now compared to when they first entered the program, in an analysis of the past year of assessments.

Compared to their first assessment in the program, members report lower anxiety, more participation in enjoyable physical activity, and more conscious spending. In total, members show improvement in five factors measured in the quality of life assessment.

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Empowered Members Make Lasting Behavior Change

Members quickly reduce their substance use of choice and are able to maintain this adherence over time.
Harm Reduction
Results in 90% accuracy of patient self-reports when compared to drug tests.

After one month, 84.51% of Workit members are still engaged in the program. In addition, members are much more likely to remain in the program as Workit overcomes barriers to care.

Multiple studies have shown that retaining clients for three months is associated with improved outcomes. At three months, Workit’s retention is 73.95%, and retention remains high in later stages of recovery, with 67.69% of members still retained in the program at 6 months.

Disruptive Care Leads to Disruptive Results
Our most recent longitudinal study of over 450 safety-net patients in our MAT program demonstrated improved clinical outcomes over traditional care models.

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Components of Workit Care

6 Months94% Adherent
9 Months95% Adherent
12 Months99% Adherent



Harm Reduction

Results in 90% accuracy of patient self-reports when compared to drug tests.



Virtual Drug Testing

Randomized and staff-supervised digital drug testing to ensure adherence.



Machine Learning

Identify your at-risk population sooner with NIDA-supported technology, reducing high cost, high risk utilizations.



Precision Care Navigation

Avoid mismatching with out-of-network providers, with Workit’s triage to appropriate in-network care.




High-quality care via telemedicine means higher retention in treatment.



Psychosocial Support

Coaching from licensed counselors, online groups & therapeutic courses.



Medication & Monitoring

E-Prescriptions and remote monitoring ensure safety & adherence.



Social Determinants

Licensed counselors provide support for social isolation, transportation and housing insecurity.

Workit Health’s Clinical Team

Trust our team of industry-leading experts in the fields of addiction, psychiatry, and medicine.
Paul Leonard, MD
Physician, EPNO
Chief Medical Officer
Kevin Armington, MD
Physician, OASAS
Supervising Physician
Dana Forman, FNP
Nurse Practitioner
VP of Clinical Care
Itai Danovitch, MD
Chair, Cedar Sinai Psychiatry
Clinical Advisor
John Greden, MD
Director, UM Depression Center
Clinical Advisor
Lisa Gentz, LMSW
Administrator, ACCESS Washtenaw
Clinical Advisor

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