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Quit alcohol, drugs, or other addictions with online therapy and medication.

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Workit Health accepts LifeWise for its 100% virtual addiction treatment program. In Washington and Alaska, Workit Health offers medication-assisted treatment for opioid and alcohol addiction.

Workit Health’s online therapy program for addiction is available for LifeWise members nationwide.

Workit Health’s mobile app allows you to connect with licensed clinicians and counselors dedicated to helping you meet your recovery goals. Join online recovery groups, work through a therapeutic curriculum to help you learn coping skills, and in Washington and Alaska, receive medication e-prescribed to your local pharmacy.

Workit Health’s virtual rehab programs are covered by LifeWise. Just like at an in-person treatment center, you’ll speak with a counselor, join online recovery groups, and receive medication if needed.

Check your coverage for Workit Health in five minutes online. If you prefer, call the number on the back of your insurance card to verify benefits.

Although rehab has commonly been the solution for a drug or alcohol problem, many rehabs don’t offer medications which can reduce discomfort and risk of relapse. 80% of Workit Health’s members are adherent with the program after six months, meaning that digital care surpasses efficacy of brick-and-mortar treatment.

At Workit Health our program is adaptable to all stages of substance use and recovery, meaning you don’t have to identify as an addict or hit a rock bottom to reach out for help. 

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