PRESS RELEASE: Workit Health Expands Telehealth Addiction Care Program to New Jersey

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Workit Health’s digital opioid and substance use disorder programs promote health equity in Mercer County and beyond with low-barrier access to medication assisted treatment and evidence-based online therapy.


Today, Workit Health announced the expansion of its virtual, on-demand individualized services for addiction care to New Jersey. The telehealth substance use and opioid use disorder B-corporation will open an outpatient clinic in Hamilton, near Trenton in Mercer County in order to provide teleMAT alongside its coaching and counseling programs. Workit Health’s easy-to-use web and phone apps and robust EMR synthesize machine learning with patient-led design to enable smarter interventions and more personalized care. The company’s outcomes prove their commitment to disrupting the cycle of high-cost, inefficient addiction services, with a higher adherence and retention rate than traditional treatment types at one tenth of the cost.

Annual opioid-related overdose deaths in New Jersey are nearly five times those both from car crashes and firearms. In 2018, the state experienced record drug deaths for the fourth straight year, with the overwhelming number of deaths being opioid-related. It’s estimated that even in the face of this crisis, only one quarter of addiction treatment providers offer medication like buprenorphine—recognized as the gold standard of care for opioid-use disorder by SAMHSA.

“New Jersey has taken the lead on expanding access to buprenorphine by allowing paramedics to offer treatment,” says Lisa McLaughlin, Workit Health’s Co-CEO. “We’re excited to join the communities and organizations in New Jersey impacting the overdose crisis, and leverage our technology and care teams to provide long-term recovery for New Jerseyans.”

“We know that 90% of addiction care costs in New Jersey are utilized by people who have already received treatment but found it ineffective—Workit Health is something different and more accessible for this population,” says Robin McIntosh, Workit Health’s Co-CEO. “Members in our Michigan and California programs are thriving, and we’re ready to bring these same outcomes to the entire state of New Jersey.”

Workit Health removes barriers while solving for social determinants of health by allowing home-based, digital access to clinicians and counselors. Following an initial in-person visit for the teleMAT program, members access all follow-up care via web and phone apps, including video visits with clinicians, online recovery groups, messaging with a care team, personalized therapy-based courses, and at-home drug testing.

About Workit Health: Workit Health is an addiction healthcare B-corporation offering online, on-demand evidence-based addiction treatment including telehealth medication for opioid use disorder. Workit Health partners with healthcare organizations to deliver an innovative digital health solution that blends the best of human-centered design, technology, and science. Through mobile and web apps, members meet with clinicians and Master’s level coaches and complete self-set recovery goals. Workit Health offers 24/7 recovery that fits into daily life, designed by experts. Learn more at

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Where to now?

Start your recovery today. Download our app or sign up for a free 5-week course.

As Workit Health’s VP of Marketing, Kali Lux leans in to the culture gap between addiction, recovery, and medicine. She’s interested in finding solutions that work for substance users better than drinking or drugging does, and believes Workit is one of them. She’s written extensively on her own experience through addiction into long-term recovery. You can connect with her on Twitter @kalireadsbooks.

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