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7 Tips for Thriving Sober

Fact Checked and Peer Reviewed

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Helpful Hints for Staying Sober and Succeeding in Life

Workit Health was born out of a desire to gather up and share what’s worked for us on the recovery path. Here are a few tips for going beyond just “getting by” in sobriety, and moving on to bigger and bolder living:

1. Be insatiably curious about your own struggles, in lieu of self-judgment.

Respect and revere the “seduction of misery,” and develop instincts for outmaneuvering it. Tell on yourself early and often! Note: Don’t tell on yourself to your pet! A human listener required.

2. Remember and honor the souls and ideas that shape your recovery and convert their lessons into tangible rituals and reminders you can carry.

Obsessively pursue teachable moments, and thank your sober mentors.

3. Relentlessly shelter persistent dreams (your own and others), no matter how far-flung they may seem from a reality in which you are drinking 6 red bulls a day and getting your court sheet signed at a 12-step meeting.

Yes, you with the felony over there and the med school dream! Go get your MCAT on!

4. Get outside and beyond your own story EVERY day.

Smile every time you forget yourself. If you’re in SF, London, or NY, try a pre-work sober rave. That’s a thing now.

5. Be a straight shooter.

Find thornless words for injustice and a voice for your truest grit. Kill your bitter edge that insists on one right way to do anything. Fixed ideas and habits have been a problem for you in the past.

6. Flex the muscles on the non-native side of your brain.

Cultivate a growth mindset towards the learner you imagine not to be, and stop jabbering on about your lost brain cells. Learn something uncomfortable every day. At seven years sober, you can celebrate your all new cellular form (true fact!).

7. Trust pragmatists, but do not let them kill the best dreams of what might be.

Keeping it simple doesn’t have to mean keeping it boring. Build something cool, preferably not by isolating yourself and your art in a small room. That tends to end badly for our set.

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