Inpatient isn’t always the only (or best) way to get help​

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What you need to know when choosing addiction treatment

In recent years the research around substance use disorder and recovery has evolved

You have to suffer through withdrawal to kick opioids, alcohol, or other substances.

FDA-approved medications can keep you comfortable when you stop using or drinking and increase your likelihood of recovery.

When you’re ready for treatment, you need to go away to inpatient care for 30, 60, or 90 days.

In a 2020 study of people seeking treatment for opioid use disorder, only treatment with buprenorphine or methadone resulted in reduced risk of relapse. Inpatient care had no effect.

Accredited by the Joint Commission

The Joint Commission accredits Workit Health’s online therapy program. This accreditation is recognized as symbol of quality and indicates that Workit Health has met rigorous standards for care.


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Workit accepts some insurance plans for care. If insurance isn’t an option, our out-of-pocket costs are one-tenth those of inpatient treatment.


We bring FDA-approved medication, clinical support, and the latest therapeutic techniques to your phone.

We accept health insurance

Real and unedited reviews from our members


April 2020

“Great program to use. Especially in times like these when traveling is restricted and social distancing enforced. Always there when you need them and breaking the norm on addiction therapy.”


January 2020

“Workit is AMAZING I have been in the program for a couple of years successfully where I have failed in prior rehab attempts. It’s very easy if time is an issue for you like myself. You get great coaches and I just adore my doctor. Everyone has been so helpful and kind. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND workit and have referred a few friends who are doing well also.”


December 2019

Life changing support and convenience. If you are lucky enough to live in a area that has WorkIt and need help , don’t hesitate to sign up. Doctors & staff are incredible non judgmental and supportive. They make it super convenient to get the care u need. It’s been a year for me and it’s been great, every step of the way.”