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We believe everyone deserves accessible, engaging, evidence-based addiction treatment.

That's why Robin and Lisa, two women in long-term recovery from addiction, started Workit Health.

Rehab costs are prohibitively high, and often addiction treatment is outdated. At Workit Health, we think everyone deserves modern, accessible treatment when they're ready.

Geography, ethnicity, income, or insurance should never dictate treatment received. In the midst of an opioid crisis, we must fill in the treatment gaps. That’s why we started The Workit Foundation. By partnering with nonprofit organizations, we provide crucial care to individuals suffering who would otherwise go without.

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Featured Partner:

BAART Programs 

We've partnered with BAART to provide opioid addiction treatment to people in Contra Costa County, California.

We shouldn't determine who can receive care by who can pay or what type of insurance they have. California, through grant programs, allows people of all incomes to receive treatment when they're ready.


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