Workit Health for Providers

Worried about prescribing opioids or buprenorphine products to your patients?

Workit Health is evidence-backed, affordable addiction treatment built by people in recovery from addiction. We provide wrap-around online outpatient therapy and outpatient medicated-assisted treatment for Opioid Use Disorder. 

For providers already prescribing MAT or opioids, we offer counseling and wrap-around care. For primary care providers, we can serve as a referral for patients in need of MAT and behavioral health services.


We work with providers in the following ways:

1) Referral Partnerships

We work with various providers and addiction treatment facilities to establish mutually beneficial referral partnerships.

2) Extend Your Services 

Overseen by our Chief Medical Officer, our clinicians support your team, without adding additional overhead to your practice. Your patients receive care at your facility via our virtual care platform, Workit, creating a seamless experience for all. 


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