Because addiction doesn’t exist in a vacuum.

When a friend or family member is struggling with a substance use disorder, you feel it too. You're doing your best to offer support, but the truth is, you need help too. That's why we created Workit Tribe.


What is Workit Tribe?

Workit Tribe is an innovative online support program for anyone who has a friend or family member struggling with a substance use disorder.

Workit Tribe offers a personalized program of courses to help you cope set boundaries with your loved one and take care of yourself. You'll also get 1:1 online counseling sessions to support you, while you support your loved one.


What do I get with Workit Tribe?

You get 24/7 access to your personalized program of courses. You'll also have
the option to chat or email with a qualified and compassionate Workit counselor, as well as check-in 1:1 in weekly online appointments with your counselor.

Get help for a loved one struggling with addiction: