We are

expert clinicians,
people in recovery,
healthcare advocates,
world-class engineers and designers
giving addiction treatment a makeover,
and family members of those out there still
struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.

We Are Workit Health.

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Why We Built Workit Health

In 2014, Robin McIntosh and Lisa McLaughlin had enough. They were tired of watching friends fall through cracks of traditional addiction treatments. You could take your pulse on an app, or order alcohol to be delivered to your door from your phone, but addiction treatment? Finding that was still a slog through endless phone numbers and Google searches, a battle with insurance companies, or an endless waitlist.

It is a lot easier to get drugs or alcohol than it is to get addiction treatment.

Robin and Lisa are some of the the lucky few who found long-term recovery from addiction in America. An estimated 1 in 10 people don't receive treatment for addiction. Robin had a gift for beautiful design and Lisa worked to make resources open and accessible via the internet, but they were both part of a recovery world which was built out largely in the 1930's.

They wanted to built the recovery experience they wished they had when they got sober. Affordable. Accessible. Non-judgmental.

It felt one-size-fits-all in a modern, incredibly personalized 21st century. Rehab was the accepted solution for those struggling with addiction, but was impossible for many. And the bills coming out of rehabs were enough to make anyone want to start a revolution.

At that point, both Robin and Lisa had been in recovery for more than 10 years, and they decided to put everything they knew, understood, and experienced about addiction and recovery into finding a solution. They wanted to built the recovery experience they wished they had when they got sober. Affordable. Accessible. Non-judgmental.

Enter Workit Health. A better way to get better.

Workit Health offers an evidence-based, engaging online program to help moderate or quit addiction, that can be done from anywhere. Work through a course and message your counselor while you wait for the kids in the pickup lane at the elementary school. On your lunch break at work, login and have a video chat with your doctor. All for less than a copay.

Addiction is everywhere, so we are too.

Workit Health now offers medication like Suboxone and Vivitrol at brick and mortar clinics which treat opioid addiction via telehealth in California and Michigan. Workit Coach, our recovery coaching program with access to science-backed and evidence-based online courses, is available all over the U.S. We also offer Workit Counselor, 1:1 online therapy sessions, for those seeking more support.

Expert addiction care shouldn’t cost $30,000/month.

Workit Health’s plans are affordable, with grants available as well as insurance accepted in some states.

In 2017, Workit Health received B Corporation status, to solidify Robin and Lisa's original mission to do social good through business.

Workit Health also received national accreditation from the Joint Commission in 2017, solidifying online treatment as a comparable alternative to brick and mortar outpatient.

Workit Health offers a different way forward. Let's build the world we need to survive, and thrive.

Currently, Workit Health has offices in both Ann Arbor, Michigan, and Lafayette, California.