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The best way to quit smoking

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The best way to quit smoking

The Workit Health app brings the latest science around quitting nicotine to your phone. Trust our experts to guide your journey to quit smoking.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Research shows that receiving counseling support and setting a quit date can help. The Workit Health app lets you receive expert support when cravings hit, on your phone. Nicotine replacement therapies, like nicotine gum, can help you double your chances of quitting.

Smoking cessation programs include behavioral support like chat or phone calls with a counselor, strategies to manage cravings, and therapeutic activities to help you reach your goals. At Workit Health, our app offers therapeutic courses to help you manage cravings and messaging with an expert to support you during the process.

An evaluation of the research isn’t clear on whether you should quit smoking cold turkey or taper your cigarette use gradually. If you do decide to quit cold turkey, it’s important to prepare for nicotine withdrawal and cravings.

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