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If you’re struggling with sex or porn addiction, our digital app helps to gives you the support to tackle your addiction discreetly.

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Work with our sex addiction therapists, and gain tools for lasting recovery

Just like at a sex addiction rehab, you’ll explore the causes of your behaviors, build new boundaries, and learn skills for long-lasting recovery. What’s different about our digital solution is that you’ll have our expert support in the comfort of your own home.

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Sex Addiction Self-Assessment

Do you have a sex or porn addiction?

Take our sex addiction self-assessment & find out if Workit Health is right for you.

This tool should not be used as a replacement for a clinical diagnosis.


Frequently Asked Questions

Therapies for sex addiction help involve overcoming sexual compulsions that get in the way of the rest of your life. Online therapy is an affordable and discreet option, offering you professional help from the privacy of home without needing to go to a rehab. Sex addiction help can be sought.

Samantha Keeler, LMSW, explains: “The most important thing in sexual issues is to define what is best for you as the client. Setting goals about what you feel is appropriate is the first step and from there, we can figure out how to make that fit into your life. It is also important to recognize that sex and sexual functioning is a normal, natural, and healthy part of the human experience. Workit Health offers a stigma-free way to open the dialogue in healthcare. In fact, 90.9% of people would like their healthcare provider to bring up or ask about their sexual experiences.”

Sex addiction isn’t classified as a disorder in the DSM-V, the manual for treatment of mental disorders, but that doesn’t mean your experience isn’t valid. This simply means that more research is needed. It’s estimated that 12 million Americans struggle with compulsive sexual behavior. The effects of sexual addiction are very real. It can impact your body and your mind, and can be treated.