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If you’re struggling with gambling addiction, online therapy can help. Our secure program brings expert care to your phone or computer, so help is discreet, compassionate, and there when you need it most.

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Over 2.6% of the American population has a problem with gambling—that’s over 10 million people. However, only 5-12% of those people ever find effective treatment. Workit Health is here to change that. Our counselors offer you the support and tools you need to tackle your gambling addiction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s frustrating when you need help to stop gambling — it can make you feel powerless. Remember that gambling affects the same parts of the brain as addictive substances, like drugs. Workit Health understands the type of cognitive changes gambling causes and can help you change your behavior with evidence-based tools and techniques.

Workit Health’s online therapy program for gambling offers HIPAA-compliant, confidential care. No one will know you’re receiving help for gambling. You will be able to message your coach discreetly through the Workit Health app.