Moderate or quit drugs
or alcohol in just five minutes a day
with Workit Courses.

Moderate or quit in just 5 minutes a day with our game-like courses. If you're new to recovery or coming back, Workit Courses are scientifically proven to help.

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Get Addiction Help, Anywhere,
at Anytime.

Take courses on your smartphone
on your computer, 24/7.


Courses on Alcohol, Drugs,
and other Addictions.

Get help with: drinking, opiates, other drugs, smoking, eating issues, sex & porn.


Skip Rehab.
Stay Home and Learn. 

Our evidence-based courses are built by experts to help you meet goals.


Start the Workit Courses program if: 

  • You want to build a solid foundation of healthy habits.

  • You need insight on cravings, and what to do about them.

  • You're tired of getting stuck in the same negative thought patterns, and ready to learn how changing thoughts can change behaviors. 

  • You're ready to explore your emotions. 

  • You don't have time or money for traditional therapy.