Group Follow-up Medical Appointment

Connect with other members, your medical provider, and our behavioral health team—all in a single follow-up visit.

Join a community of support with your medical provider, a behavioral health professional (either a counselor or a recovery support specialist), and 4-10 other Workit Health members in your same program and region.

Topics covered in the 60-minute group will include how your medication is working, current challenges and wins, and tools for success in recovery.

Just like your regular 1:1 follow-up, you will receive prescriptions to your pharmacy as clinically appropriate after the visit.

Send a message to your Care Team in Admin Chat to let them know you’re interested.

Once you are signed up, join the 60-minute video group session under your Action Items in the Workit Health app.


"Group follow-up appointments are an excellent opportunity for members to connect and learn from one another on what can be a lonely journey."

Dr. Justin Coffey
Workit Health Chief Medical Officer

A different type of follow-up

This innovative type of visit offers notable benefits:


Create a shared sense of accountability for regular visit attendance, promoting long-term success


Gain a supportive network of peers on a similar recovery path, and learn from each other’s experiences


Learn more about your medications, practical skills for recovery, and the science behind your care

What to expect

Medical Care

Just like a 1:1 provider follow-up, you'll discuss effects of medication and your progress in recovery.


You will be joined by 4-10 other Workit members willing to share their own experiences.


Receive therapeutic support in the form of educational topics and skills-based learnings.

Your questions, answered

This type of group medical appointment has been shown to promote recovery by creating a sense of accountability, a shared identity, and a supportive community unlikely to be achieved through 1:1 provider-patient visits alone.

Find your Group Follow-up Medical Appointment the same way you would a normal appointment—through an item in your Action Items list.

The only difference is that this Action Item will look like a group Action Item rather than an appointment Action Item. But rest assured, this is the Action Item you should use to join your Group Follow-up Medical Appointment.

Unlike Workit Health’s other recovery groups, Group Follow-up Medical Appointments include a clinical component with your medical provider and include hearing from other members about their medical treatment. You will be able to receive prescriptions, when clinically appropriate, after the appointment just as you would after a 1:1 Follow-up visit with your provider.

You will still be able to attend as many other counselor-led or support groups as you’d like.

As with other groups at Workit Health, members who participate will be required to agree to Group Rules, which focus on privacy and confidentiality. Additionally, staff will verify the identity of each member at the beginning of the group.

Right now, Group Follow-up Medical Appointments are in a pilot phase and only available to certain members.

Message your Admin Chat in the Workit Health app, or bring your questions to your first Group Follow-up Medical Appointment to talk through.

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