Substance Use Evaluations & Drug and Alcohol Assessments


Our nonjudgmental and caring team can work with you to determine the appropriate drug or alcohol evaluation based on your situation.

Whether you need a single substance use assessment or ongoing counseling, we're able to meet court requirements while also accommodating busy schedules.

Workit Health is a licensed substance use disorder treatment program, able to offer screening, assessment, and testing required by Michigan & California courts, including DUI evaluations, chemical dependency evaluations, and and alcohol assessments.

Drug and alcohol assessments

STEP ONE: Call us to make an appointment.

We can work with you to meet requirements laid out by the court or recommended by your attorney for your assessment. Workit Health is a Joint Commission-accredited addiction care program, and we're able to offer screening, assessment, referral, and follow-up services.


STEP TWO: Visit one of our locations, where we can do in drug or alcohol evaluation in about an hour.

If you are required to do drug testing, we can also complete this at our office. Many people wonder what to expect in a substance abuse assessment or screening. At our office, they're quick and easy. You meet with a counselor, and (if necessary) take a drug test.

Assessments available at each of our clinic locations:

Workit Ann Arbor, Michigan

3300 Washtenaw Ave., Ste 280
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Call to schedule: 855-659-7734

Workit Bay Area, California

911 Moraga Road, Ste 200
Lafayette, California 94549

Call to schedule: 855-659-7734

Workit Bakersfield, California

2001 F St. , Ste 102
Bakersfield, CA 93301

Call to schedule: 855-659-7734

assessment in an hour

continue therapy, if recommended

STEP THREE: Continue therapy, if recommended.

If you just need an assessment, we're happy to provide it. However, Workit Health also offers a convenient online addiction care program with engaging lessons and weekly 1:1 online therapy lessons.



STEP FOUR: Get your life back.

Get your assessment and be on your way. We're ready to help you get your life back.