How Workit Health helps busy people find recovery that works.

Delivering on-demand online addiction care including medication, this digital program is making waves in the rehab industry and helping people find recovery that fits into their lifestyle.

The problem:

  • Addiction treatment is expensive.

    Inpatient rehab can cost $30,000 for a month’s stay, and insurance coverage doesn’t guarantee you’ll avoid costs.

  • Medication is key to opioid addiction recovery.

    Outrageously, medication isn’t often available in traditional rehabs. And few people know about medication for alcohol.

  • Treatment is often all-or-nothing.

    Life isn’t all-or-nothing — recovery is a gradual process, and people can quit some substances, but not all.


What if expert addiction care could be accessible anytime through your smartphone?


Enter Workit Health, Robin and Lisa’s innovative online program with the mission to simplify treatment and provide a more affordable treatment solution than rehab for the millions of Americans struggling with opioid and alcohol addiction.

“Workit has changed my life in so many ways. I was trapped in the cycle of addiction and in-patient rehab wasn’t an option for me because I have a family to support. I needed treatment that would flow with my life, not uproot my life.
— Workit Health Member

Workit Health offers:

  • Medication for opioid and alcohol addiction.

  • An entirely telehealth program completed via your smartphone or computer. (Suboxone treatment does start with a single in-person visit at our Bay Area Clinic.)

  • Affordable, engaging and always available recovery coaching and online group therapy.

Update: For a limited time, Workit Health has funding available in select California counties.

Fill out the form to see if you qualify.

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As people in recovery from addiction, we understand everyone’s journey is different. We created Workit Health to be the simple, nonjudgmental, affordable option we wanted when we got sober.
— Robin and Lisa, Workit's Founders