Employee addiction benefits for your workplace

Create a culture of substance wellness in the workplace and offer cost-effective, cutting-edge care for employees struggling with substance use.

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A significant percentage of your workforce is secretly struggling

9.8% of workers struggle with substance use—and that number spikes even higher in certain industries. Substance use in the workplace translates to costs in errors, missed workdays, turnover, and high medical claims.

Offering addiction health benefits for your employees is better for them, and it’s better for your bottom line.

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Employees Struggling with Substance Use Disorder
Estimated cost of clinical and emergency care per year: $3,321,500

Prevent the high costs of substance use for your business and your workforce

Workit Health is 90% less expensive than other treatment options, and has better outcomes. Workit Health’s expert care team brings virtual support including medication & online therapy to your employees the moment they’re ready.


Customize Your Plan

Check out our demo, and contact our customer care team to explore solutions for your company.


Employee Engagement

We’ll help get your employees going with special, in-person events at your workplace.

Measure Your Impact

As your employees use Workit, we’ll provide monthly reports for you to see progress quickly.

Give employees struggling with substance use their health and productivity back​

Customized and Confidential Care

Meet employees where they are, with on-demand access to a personalized curriculum and support from qualified addiction counselors.

A Culture of Substance Wellbeing

Create a culture of health around substance use with webinars and on-site events.

Preventative Intervention

Educate your entire team about the benefits of cutting back on unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking, or binge eating.

Seamless Implementation

Let us do the work, integrating with other company benefits, platforms, and vendors.

Transparent Outcomes

Receive detailed reports of your enrolled population’s progress from your dedicated Workit team to understand our penetration and impact.

Business Impact

Save on high traditional treatment costs, lower turnover, and reduce absenteeism, all while giving employees the tools and support they need to make lasting behavior change.

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