How do I bring Workit to my workplace?

Starting the process is anonymous, easy, and takes about 30 seconds.

If You Have an HR Dept

Great! Shoot them an anonymous request and explain why Workit would be a great fit for your workplace.

Send Anonymous Email

If You Don’t Have an HR Department

Give us a call at 1-844-Workit8 or write us a note and we'll get back to you with next steps. Anonymous and simple.

Get in Touch

If You Are an HR Professional

Request a demo and we'll tell you everything you need to know (and walk you through the Workit experience!).

Request a Demo

If You Need to Check

Take five seconds and check to see if your employer already offers Workit. You might be surprised!

Check Coverage

“We made this because we needed this.”

- Robin McIntosh, Workit Co-founder

“I came to Workit wanting to reduce drinking, but I ended up stopping entirely. It was an awesome program, and now I'm in Onward! ”

- Anonymous, Workit Member

“I love having little sips of substance wellness throughout my day! When and where I needed it. Perfect.”

- Anonymous, Workit Member

“I credit Workit with my behavior change, it’s the only thing that’s different.”

- Anonymous, Workit Member

“How many more weeks do I get to be a part of work it? I love it! This is a super fun way to feel better. I'd recommend this to so many people.”

- Anonymous, Workit Member

What do you have to lose?

Anonymously email your HR contact and get the ball rolling.