Workit Health Is Now In-Network with Aetna In Michigan and California

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Digital addiction care is now in-network for Aetna fully-insured members in Michigan and California.

Addiction is hard. Finding treatment shouldn’t be. At Workit Health, our goal is to make opioid addiction treatment engaging, affordable, and as easy as possible.

Workit is offering fully-Insured Aetna members in Michigan and California access to online therapy for all addictions and medication like Suboxone and Vivitrol for opioid addiction.

If you’re a fully-insured Aetna member seeking medication like Suboxone to help you quit pain pills or heroin, our program is here for you.

Workit Clinic offers:

  • Online Suboxone treatment after a single in-person visit.
    After a single in-person visit to one of our locations, all follow-up care can be done online from the privacy of your home, with a smartphone or computer.

  • Your Suboxone prescription will be sent via e-script to your local pharmacy.
    After a single in-person visit, all follow up visits with your doctor or nurse practitioner will be done via confidential video messaging through Workit Health’s online program.

    Skip the waiting room and access your in-network Suboxone doctor via your phone.

  • Stay on track with 24/7 messaging with your own recovery coach.
    They’ll be there for you when cravings hit, to motivate you to reach your goals, and to offer advice in sticky situations.

  • Join online recovery groups to meet people in the program.
    Connect with people all in different stages of opioid addiction recovery, in groups guided by a licensed counselor. Learn from each other, and grow together.

  • Grow and learn with a personalized curriculum of science-backed courses.
    The Workit Health courses teach you practical skills for recovery, like how to manage cravings, heal relationships in recovery, and recognize negative thinking patterns.

If you’re a fully-insured Aetna member looking for in-network online therapy for addiction, check out our Workit Core program.

Workit Core offers:

  • Therapy to help you with other drugs, alcohol, smoking, or behaviors like gambling.

  • 1:1 counseling with a licensed therapist via phone, text, or video.

  • Personalized, interactive curriculum of engaging science-backed courses.

  • With this program you are able to moderate or quit, it’s up to you!

In a press release about the partnership, Workit Health’s Co-CEO, Lisa McLaughlin said, ”The Workit Health team looks forward to delivering results for Aetna members. We’re proud that Aetna has recognized our commitment to providing better outcomes at lower costs for its members.”

“More than 130 people die of opioid overdose per day, so time is of the essence in expanding access to clinically-proven digital addiction care like Workit Health,” said Robin McIntosh, Workit Health’s Co-CEO. “Health plans play a vital role in improving access to quality addiction care via telehealth, and we’re proud Aetna is giving their members more options at their moment of readiness to get help.”

Workit Health’s opioid addiction treatment program and online therapy for other addictions is now in-network with Aetna in Michigan and California. If you’re ready to quit pain pills or heroin but not sure where to start, or ready to switch from your current provider to a more convenient, effective, and evidence-based model of care, give us a call today.

A future free of addiction is in your hands.

Recover from addiction at home with medication and online therapy––from the leader in virtual addiction care.

Courtney Todd is the digital marketing coordinator at Workit Health. She has a  passion for raising awareness in the addiction treatment, recovery, and public health space.

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