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The search for a quality suboxone doctor can seem futile, especially during these tumultuous times. If you’ve struggled with addiction but haven’t been able to locate a quality doctor, it may be time to seek a better health plan provider. One who can deliver great options near you.

The good news is, you’re not alone. If you live in Seattle, there are a number of quality options in your area, courtesy of Workit Health. These include plans like Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield that links individuals to top health professionals who can provide necessary access to Suboxone in a safe manner.

How Can Seattle Residents Get Their Suboxone Treatment Started

Getting started is as simple as calling Workit Health and learning about your best available options.

It’s never healthy to try to go cold turkey, especially when there are licensed professionals ready to help you. You are your best advocate for addiction help.

Suboxone Doctors in Seattle

At Workit Health, our Suboxone doctors in Seattle, WA accept both Horizon commercial as well as Horizon Medicaid plans. The Workit Health program is also 100% virtual, including the drug testing portion, which can be done through our app.

Safely receive all your care from home if you choose. Our program contains everything you need to remain healthy and protected during COVID-19, brought to you by a licensed counseling professional.

Stress and isolation can lead to serious problems for those who suffer from addiction. Couple that with large-scale lockdowns amidst a global pandemic, and the chances of relapsing increase exponentially.

It’s crucial that we protect addicted individuals, and those in recovery, from the temptation to indulge in negative behaviors as a way to cope with stress and anxiety. Getting people connected with caring, compassionate industry professionals is the only positive way forward.

If you’re ready to take the next step, Workit Health is ready for you. Get started here.

How Else to Locate a Suboxone Provider in Seattle?

If you have a good relationship with a current doctor, you can ask them about prescribing Suboxone for you. Many general practitioners have added addiction to their primary care service offerings.

Psychiatrists can also help you beat addiction as well. If you already have a great doctor, you can see if they will prescribe Suboxone to you directly or ask them if another doctor can help you within their network.

Why is it Hard to Find a Buprenorphine or Naloxone Doctor in Seattle?

Finding a doctor who can prescribe you Buprenorphine isn’t unique to Seattle residents, it’s hard for nearly anyone, anywhere.

If you’re struggling with locating quality care options, it’s not because of you, it’s likely an issue with the waivers involved when doctors prescribe Suboxone.

Each doctor is required to receive a waiver and can only treat a small number of patients at a given time.

This unfortunately can result in Suboxone clinics within Greater Seattle being unable to process new patients.

Additionally, having an option to get care on a virtual basis should always be permitted.

Does my Seattle Insurance Plan Cover my Suboxone Treatment?

If you aren’t sure whether your Suboxone treatment is covered by your current insurance plan, you should check the number that’s written on the back of your insurance card and give it a call.

Care specialists should be able to easily answer your most pressing questions and concerns about treatment. They should also be able to refer you to in-network care.

When you contact Workit Health, you’ll know that our Suboxone doctors accept tons of New Jersey insurance plans including Aetna and Horizon, plus several Medicaid plans.

Monitor your insurance coverage by giving our team a call at 855-548-5196 during normal business hours.

Since many health insurance plans are waiving their co-pays for telemedicine visits, you should be able to find a telemedicine Suboxone provider in Seattle that doesn’t apply out-of-pocket costs during COVID-19.

Effectual Suboxone Care During COVID-19

Workit Health is at the forefront of giving individuals exemplary personal care throughout this COVID-19 pandemic.

Easily take drug tests, meet with doctors (virtually or in-person), and join recovery groups to help you along your journey.

Online care can be accessed via your computer, smartphone, or tablet so that individuals can remain safe while making strides to curb their addiction.

Take the necessary steps to get quality Suboxone treatment in Seattle, and start feeling better today.

Opioid addiction recovery is easier with medication.

Discreet, accessible treatment for at-home recovery,
supported by experts.

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