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Should I detox off opiates cold turkey, or should I used a medication like Suboxone?

If you’re searching for information about Suboxone, you’ve probably learned the hard way that opioid detox is a very rough experience. The good news? There is medication that can help you get through opiate detox. From basic over-the-counter medicine to help you be more comfortable to prescription medications to make detox more bearable and stabilize you long-term, cold turkey isn’t the only option.

That doesn’t mean that people don’t still go “cold turkey,” or kick opiates on their own without medical help. But the science shows that using medication to aid in recovery can help you stay on track.

Can my general practitioner or family doctor prescribe me Suboxone?

Suboxone is currently only able to be prescribed by doctors and nurse practitioners who have received a DATA waiver through the DEA. This is sort of ironic, as it means it’s often easier for doctors to prescribe the opioids that caused someone to become addicted than the buprenorphine/naloxone (Suboxone) combination that will aid them in recovery.

You can ask your doctor if they’re able to prescribe you Suboxone, and if not, maybe they know a fabulous doctor who is. If you’re looking for a Suboxone doctor, Workit Clinic makes Suboxone treatment available throughout the Bay Area of California via telehealth. At Workit Clinic, your first appointment is in person, and from there everything else is done online, via videoconference.

What is the difference between seeing a Suboxone doctor and going to a Suboxone clinic?

This can vary from office to office and program to program, but doctors who prescribe Suboxone often treat other medical issues in conjunction with addiction, and offer fewer counseling or included addiction resources for their patients. Suboxone clinics, however, tend to treat fewer additional issues, but focus entirely on addiction and offer additional supplementary care for addiction including one-on-one or group counseling. Additionally, a doctor’s office may be managed by the doctor, while a clinic is managed by a company.

The most important thing, whether you go with an office that defines itself as a clinic or as a medical practice, is to find a doctor that you’re comfortable with, who listens to your concerns, and respects your needs as an individual.

Can an emergency room prescribe me Suboxone?

If you’re struggling with opioid withdrawal, and don’t want to go to your dealer or the streets for help, any doctor can administer buprenorphine (Suboxone) for up to three days in an emergency situation (this is called ‘The Three Day Rule’). You can head to the emergency room in a sticky situation, and they can prescribe you, at the very least, supplementary care to treat your symptoms of opioid withdrawal. Whether or not they prescribe buprenorphine/naloxone to last you until you see another doctor, however, is totally up to the doctor you see in the emergency room.

How expensive is Suboxone treatment in the Bay Area? Will my insurance pay for it?

Private insurance often covers buprenorphine/naloxone at the pharmacy. If it doesn’t cover the brand name Suboxone specifically, then another brand name. The great news about California is that Medi-cal doesn’t require a pre-authorization for a Suboxone prescription, making it much easier to get than in many other states.

Suboxone Too Pricey? 6 Ways To Save On Scripts

Programs may vary in price, with some offering larger fees for intake visits or separate fees for counseling. Ask about all charges and fees when you call to get pricing information. Our team at Workit Clinic offers affordable options with most insurance plans. Workit Clinic includes a doctor’s care (your doctor will determine if medication works for you), engaging online lessons, and online counseling. Give us a call, as we’re happy to discuss pricing and financing options with you: 855-659-7734.

What if I don’t have insurance but want Suboxone treatment?

If you don’t have insurance in California, look into getting covered through Covered California. Whether or not the Suboxone treatment program you choose takes insurance, having some insurance coverage can help you with the cost of medication at the pharmacy. At Workit Clinic we accept many types of insurance including Medi-Cal.

What should I look for in a Suboxone doctor?

Most importantly, make sure you feel comfortable talking to your doctor about your health and medical needs. Your doctor should offer a counseling program or ensures that you are receiving counseling, with your treatment. Buprenorphine (Suboxone) plus counseling is the gold standard of care in opiate addiction. Ideally, your doctor should support your own goals for recovery.

There are also basics that you want to look for: a welcoming office, polite staff, and being seen on time. If you are involved in group therapy, look for others that are on the same track towards recovery as you. You are your own recovery and healthcare advocate, and you’re the only person who can decide on the best care for you.

Try an online lesson from Workit’s program, on becoming your own healthcare advocate.

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