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The decision to attend rehab isn’t as simple as googling “best rehab center near me.” Individuals are looking to circumvent the potentially catastrophic financial burden that results from picking the wrong facility.

If you have been struggling with an alcohol or drug addiction, it’s important to understand the best options available under your preferred insurance carrier.

Premera Blue Cross provides health insurance and other services to more than 2 million people across the U.S. With several coverage plans to choose from, you are likely to discover a plan that fits your needs.

Will Premera Pay for my Rehab?

When the Affordable Care Act was passed in 2008, it provided that insurance companies were to grant treatment services to their planholders. With the right Premera plan, you should have ample access to these centers.

Premera has numerous options for rehab coverage as well as general mental health coverage, designed to help individuals overcome addiction and feel healthier long-term. To verify how your policy covers a given facility’s costs, it’s important to call your insurance agent right away.

Don’t postpone rehab any longer, call your agent and get the ball rolling on your rehabilitation today.

How Brutal is Drug and Alcohol Addiction to American Society?

The addiction crisis in America is omnipresent at this point. Since 1990, drug overdose deaths have tripled. Today, 90% of users start before the age of 18.

For things to get better, people have to start asking for help. It’s long been established that addiction should be treated as a chronic illness, especially since it poses such elevated risks to society at-large.

The reason why many struggling individuals don’t seek treatment is the cost, which is why having the right plan is so important.

Premera’s Dedication to Drug Rehab

Depending on your plan, you can get either a portion or full amount of your drug and alcohol rehab paid.

Premera serves customers across the U.S. with easy to access, comprehensive coverage. They can simply log in to their account to get the right information.

Why Getting Rehab Coverage is Important

Premera understands the necessity of detox as a critical first step along the path to recovery. A lot of people think they can easily get past this on their own, but it’s much easier said than done.

People must undergo effective treatments at a credible facility. Medically assisted detox is the only solution to a return to normal.

No single treatment is a cure-all for everyone. Treatment options vary depending on the specifics pertaining to the patient, but behavioral therapies are on the table to help combat drug and alcohol abuse.

The focus of any rehab treatment should be firmly placed on the recovery process. It shouldn’t be a matter of stressing out about payments, and Premera BCBS understands this. Their coverage insurance provides better treatment options and less stress along the way.

Background of Premera BCBS

Premera is a non-profit licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. Since 1933, they have been serving individuals and businesses with top of the line health insurance packages engineered for benefits and cost-effectiveness.

Entering a rehab facility is one of the biggest decisions a person has to make. It shouldn’t be muddled with unnecessary stress.

Qualified Agents Who Have Helped Millions

Premera has a team of qualified agents who are standing by to answer your questions. They make it easy for people to navigate the website and find information about coverage options.

Their trained experts know all the important information you’ll need when making decisions about addiction treatment and rehab possibilities.

Asking Questions Beyond the Facility

In addition to the rehab itself, ask about your medications and alternative treatment options that are available with your plan.

Things like methadone can be effective in helping addicts transition back into a normal form of life. Individuals overcoming addiction will also need access to resources like additional medical services, family therapy, parenting instructions, and social services.

Learn about what other treatment options are available within the rehab treatment facility itself and how they are offered within your Premera plan.

Learn More About Premera Today

Premera has affordable options for individual plans, Medicare supplement plans, and group benefits. It’s time to realize the coverage options that will work best for you.

To learn more about Premera BCBS or your rehab options in general, contact Workit Health today.


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