Take This Quiz to See Which Party Animal You Really Are

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Discover the Party Animal in You

There comes a time in everyone’s life when we ask ourselves: am I really an outgoing otter? Click the giant green button below to start the quiz!

Team Workit’s Results – Don’t scroll down until you’ve got your party animal. No spoilers!

In case you’re wondering, our team takes party animals very seriously. So we all took the quiz, here are the results:

  • Lisa, Co-CEO: Sage Sloth (“I think I just answered like an old person…”)

  • Robin, Co-CEO: Feisty Fox (!!!)

  • Amy, Senior Designer: Feisty Fox (“YAS”)

  • Gloria, Head of Marketing: Outgoing Otter (“Our party animals are super serious business, okay?”)

  • Kristin, Business Development Specialist: Mingling Meerkat (“the mingling meerkat just won the intercom support game”)

  • Kali, Interactive Content Specialist: Sage Sloth (“ooh”)

  • Kate, Business Development Rep: Feisty Fox (“I took this quiz before my interview with Workit in case Lisa asked me to tell her a little bit about myself”)

  • Eileen, Junior Designer: Feisy Fox (More foxes!)

More party animal reveals from our team to come!

If you’re wondering which party animal you are, take the quiz and let us know in the comments below! Share this quiz with your friends or family – is your introvert brother a secret Outgoing Otter? Or maybe you can finally confirm your belief that your chatty neighbor is really a Mingling Meerkat. Who knows, you might be surprised who people’s inner party animals are.

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Have a great rest of the day, everyone!

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