7 Lies You Should Never, Ever Tell Your Counselor

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How Honesty with Your Counselor Can Help You

This will not come as a shock to our users: as a counselor, I actually work for you. I am invested in your success, I want great things for you. And as an experienced mental health professional, I know that your path to recovery will be a few steps forward, and a few steps back. That’s 100% expected! Your counselor will never judge you, I promise.

In addiction we spend so much time trying to hide things and keep secrets from the people in our world. Well you don’t have to hide anything from your counselor—ever. That being said here are the 7 things most often fibbed about and why they cause trouble for the most important person in all of this: you.

The goals you want set.

Your mom, partner, sister, co-worker and cat all want you to stop but you just want to moderate. If that is your goal then let me know so I can give you those resources. You don’t need to razzle dazzle me with lofty ambitions that you honestly don’t care about. Just be real, so I can help you.

When you are in a bad place.

Talking about what’s on your mind brings relief and new perspective. Even just saying it to yourself or typing it, will give it clarity. Remember you are always entitled to have a bad day, no matter where you are in your journey.

When something is not working for you.

Workit gives you a lot of tools using a variety of therapy methods; not all of them are going to work for you. I will not be offended if you tell us so. I want this to benefit a lot of different people and take any user feedback to make our program better. Hate an exercise? Tell me and I guarantee I will sincerely thank you.

If you haven’t done any of the program.

First off, your counselor can see your exercises, I know what is up. Secondly, I understand that at the end of day full of things to do sometimes your Workit program will slack. If you are on day 79 and just decided to go through the Body module we will give you high-five not a side eye. This is for you, not us. We are your faithful cheerleaders.

About getting outside help.

I won’t think that you are cheating on me; in fact I would think that it’s great! Workit gets that we can be part of the many resources you use to recover or stay recovered. It helps me help you if I have a complete picture of what is working for you.

Why you missed an appointment.

Hey, as a counselor I would be lying to you if I said that I don’t get a little bummed when someone misses a chat appointment, but as a human being who has missed her fair share of a lot of stuff I totally get it. Just reschedule. Not a huge deal.

About your current addictive behavior levels.

You might be disappointed in yourself, not want to talk about it, or feel all kinds of shame. I won’t judge you, I won’t feel disappointment, I won’t feel shame! I will feel nothing but continued hope and belief in you, and a desire to be of service in your progress.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by being honest with your addiction coach, and any other mental health professionals you encounter as well. Neither of us can know where to go next if we don’t know where we stand. Keep chatting, honestly!


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Where to now?

Start your recovery today. Download our app or sign up for a free 5-week course.

Chrissy Taylor is a clinician with over a decade’s worth of experience working with various disempowered populations to promote self-efficacy and resource acquirement.

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