PRESS RELEASE: Workit Health Expands Telehealth Opioid Treatment Program to Southern California with New Clinic in Bakersfield

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Workit’s telemedicine opioid use disorder program will bring medication and online therapy to Kern County and beyond via mobile and web apps.

Today, Workit Health announced the expansion of its telemedicine office-based opioid treatment program to Southern California. The digital addiction care company will be opening a brick-and-mortar clinic in Bakersfield, in the heart of Kern County, California. Workit Health’s digital medication and online therapy program allows people struggling with opioid addiction to receive evidence-based care via Workit’s web and mobile apps.

Despite California’s falling overdose rate, Kern County is one of several regions in California struggling with an increase in overdoses and hospitalizations due to drug overdose. In the face of this epidemic, fewer than 2% of Kern County’s prescribers are able to prescribe buprenorphine, one of the three FDA-approved medications to treat opioid use disorder. Workit Health removes barriers for those seeking recovery from opioid addiction by allowing members to access all follow-up care digitally, including video visits with clinicians, online recovery groups, messaging with a care team, and personalized therapy-based courses.

“Almost 8,000 people in Kern County struggle with opioid use disorder, and it’s estimated that three-fourths of them lack access to quality treatment including medication,” says Robin McIntosh, Workit Health’s Co-Founder and Co-CEO. “It’s time that the people of Bakersfield had choices in care, including Workit Health’s accessible at-home treatment with proven outcomes.”

“Time is crucial when dealing with the opioid crisis, and Workit Health allows those ready for recovery to connect instantly with a care team, with great results,” says Lisa McLaughlin, Workit Health’s Co-Founder and Co-CEO. “We’ve followed a cohort of our patients for a year long period, and 78% of them reached abstinence from opioids after the second month in the program, with 84% of them remaining abstinent from opioids after 12 months. Making treatment accessible makes it easier to recover.”

Workit Health is a Joint Commission-accredited B-corporation founded by two women in long-term recovery. The digital opioid use disorder program has had successful outcomes in Northern California and Michigan, and plans to expand into additional states this year. Throughout California, Workit Health has partnered with a diverse group of large self-insured employers including Steelcase and Kirkland & Ellis, providers including Medmark and BAART, and payers. Workit is proud to be a California Hub and Spoke partner, allowing those struggling to find affordable care in many counties in California to receive treatment for no cost.

About Workit Health:

Workit Health is an addiction healthcare company offering online, on-demand evidence-based addiction treatment including telehealth medication for opioid use disorder. Workit Health partners with healthcare organizations to deliver an innovative digital health solution that blends the best of human-centered design, technology, and science. Through mobile and web apps, members meet with clinicians, counselors, and coaches and work on completing self-set recovery goals. Workit Health offers 24/7 recovery that fits into daily life, designed by experts. Learn more at

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As Workit Health’s Head of Marketing, Kali Lux leans in to the culture gap between addiction, recovery, and medicine. She’s interested in finding solutions that work for substance users better than drinking or drugging does, and believes Workit is one of them. She’s written extensively on her own experience through addiction into long-term recovery. You can connect with her on Twitter @kalireadsbooks.

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