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Mild symptoms of alcohol withdrawal may include anxiety, shakiness, nausea, vomiting, headache, and insomnia. More serious symptoms of alcohol withdrawal may include seizures and hallucinations. About 5% of people who experience alcohol withdrawal will experience delerium tremens, which may include severe confusion, sweating and fever. 

Workit Health’s alcohol detox program offers clinical support to help you safely quit drinking. The program begins with a video visit with a licensed clinician through the Workit Health app. Before your appointment, the clinician will have you complete a questionnaire about your drinking and your medical history. As long as you’re a good fit for the program, the clinician will then e-prescribe medication to your local pharmacy.

After your initial visit, your care team will follow up with you via brief video check-in for the rest of the week. You’ll have access to online recovery groups, therapeutic courses to help you grow as a person, and messaging in the app with your care team.

Based on your alcohol intake, you may begin to experience symptoms 6-8 hours after you quit drinking. Symptoms of alcohol detox usually peak 1-3 days after you stop drinking. Post-acute withdrawal may last for another 6-8 weeks.

The medications prescribed vary based on your medical history and may vary for each individual. For some people, gabapentin and naltrexone are used for alcohol detox. For others, librium is utilized with acamprosate. 

The liver is a very important organ, and excess consumption of alcohol can cause liver disease. Your clinician will evaluate you during your initial visit for signs and symptoms of liver disease, and may recommend a liver function test at a local lab.

Workit Health offers at-home alcohol detox in AlaskaMichigan, California, and New Jersey and Washington. If you aren’t in our area, check out the NIAAA’s Alcohol Treatment Navigator.

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