Take your life back from opiate addiction. Online lessons & online therapy to get you through withdrawal, handle early sobriety, and help you manage chronic pain.

By 'Opiates' we mean opioids, like heroin and prescription drugs like Percocet, Vicodin, and OxyContin. Struggling with opiate addiction? You are not alone, and with effective treatment you can get your life back.

Science has shown that medication like Suboxone combined with psycho-social support is an effective treatment. That's why we created the Workit Clinic. It brings you the best of medical care and tailored support to help you recover and get better than well.

I could quit, but I lacked the skill set to stay clean for more than a couple weeks. I honestly wouldn’t have quit if it wasn’t potentially so dangerous. I hated that it owned me, and that is probably the biggest motivator. Workit has shown me that they get it, they have been there.
— Workit Clinic Member on Opiates

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