Get online treatment for drug addiction, with online therapy & online lessons to help you learn to live sober.

A little part of all of us wants to escape and get out. The Workit Drugs program will help you get to the bottom of your quest to check out, run after relief, and isolate yourself through dependence on mind-altering drugs.

We will meet you where you are in your path to detoxification from drug use, routing you to the right level of medical care to meet your needs. Along the way, you’ll have tons of help from many in the Workit Tribe who’ve been there.

A lot of what I was reading resonated or felt like a very important revelation. Keeping a cravings log was a great way to get a tangible picture of potential danger zones. I definitely feel the difference in having this program vs. when I was floundering trying to quit on my own.
— Workit Coach Member on Other Drugs

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